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Der Virus - Live Room Escape Game
M60M Schlachthof


Dr. Schneider - Real Room Escape
M60M Schlachthof


Die Zelle - Room Escape
M60M Downtown

Spannung und Teamgeist
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You wake up in the laboratory of Prof. Bergmann, a mad scientist who once developed warfare agents for foreign governments. The professor used to lead a group of the world's most renowned scientists in the field of weapon's technology -- until that one fateful day when Prof. Bergmann burned half of his face with acid. Since then, he disappeared from the public eye. Children in the area recount stories of an evil creature that haunt the slaughterhouse of Düsseldorf Derendorf.

Is there a connection with the mysterious disappearance of several teenagers in Düsseldorf?


Capacity: 2 - 9 players  

Optimal: 4 - 7 players

 Location: M60M am Schlachthof (M60M at The Slaughterhouse)

mission60minutes Schlachthof - Rather Strasse 52 - 40476 Düsseldorf

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Du und dein Team
Das spannende Teamevent


In this Live Room Escape Game nothing is like as it seems to be at first sight... Did the deathly ill Dr. Schneider - who was forced into retirement - manage to get closer to his own healing? Did he intensified his human being tests or how could the increased number of detected test victims in the near past be explained? Why was Dr. Schneider not seen at the grave of his dead wife for the last months? And why is the State Office of Criminal Investigations - despite a head money of 100,000 Euro - still trying to catch Dr. Schneider without any success?

Maria Costa, the only surviver of Dr. Schneider's horrible tests and examinations, denies any testimony.

 Will you and your team be successfull in solving this case or will you become part of this nerve-ripping story?


Capacity: 3 - 9 players  

Optimal: 4 - 7 players

 Location: M60M am Schlachthof (M60M at The Slaughterhouse)

mission60minutes Schlachthof - Rather Strasse 52 - 40476 Düsseldorf
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You have been arrested and accused for a horrific crime. The evidence against you is overwhelming, but only you know that you're innocent. No one cares that you are sitting in a cell on death row. Your last meal will arrive soon.You have exactly one hour to break free before your execution. Rumors circulate that someone escaped last month - this is your last hope. You take off your blindfold and find yourself in a small cell with limited furnishings. You are chained and can only hear your friend(s) from the neighboring cell and the guards shouting. Don't panic, but open your eyes for details. You may find clues that can help you escape.

Will you succeed? Save your and your friend's lives, before it is too late!


Capacity: 3 - 9 players  

Optimal: 4 - 7 players

Location: M60M Downtown

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Group dynamics


Become one team! Only a strong team can successfully accomplish the mission.



Feel the rush of adrenaline in your blood.

Strategic action


Don’t lose sight of your common goal!

Logical thinking


Identify connections between hidden information and hidden clues.

Sense of achievement


Experience the enthusiasm together with your friends getting closer to the solution.

Time pressure


Experience how fast time flies under massive influence of adrenaline.

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