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Related to the preparation for the game

Am I really locked-in?

Absolutely not! If you want to get out, you can totally do it.  However the game will be finished for the „fugitive“. The rest of the group can continue playing though. 


Is there an age limit?

Yes. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can take part in our game. 


Who shouldn’t participate?

We recommend people physical handicapped, with heart diseases, asthma and other severe diseases to not participate in our games. Also pregnant women should not attend. 


How much time should I plan?

Like our name already reveals, the game lasts 60 mintutes :-) Please also plan 15 more minutes  for a preliminary discussion prior to the game.


What clothes should I wear?

Anything but a suit :-) Joke aside. Dust & Co. are present. That is why we recommend comfortable and casual clothes.


How many people can participate?

Our game is a team game. You should be at least 2 people, but max. 7 people per game. 


Do I need special talents or force/power?

No. Anyone who is able to think in a logical way can master our game. Force/Power will be for sure not needed! 


Is the entry barrier-free?

No, sadly there are a few steps that you need to go upstairs to enter our games. 

About the game

What about punctuality?

The late bird doesn’t catch any worm! Thus: Who comes late, doesn’t have 60 minutes. If the group is 30 minutes or more late, the appointment expires without any reimbursement of the entry price. We ask for your understanding.


Arrival, Parking & Co.

We recommend to arrive by public transport since we have a really good connection to it. Moreover, you will save the annoying part of looking for a parking spot this way. More about this issue can be found under “Location”.   


What about alcohol?

Really easy: Anyone who is drunk will stay outside! The Altstadt is still open after the game :-) We are more than glad to order a (big) taxi for you. 



Troublemaker please stay at home!!! Clear words: Who causes any trouble, gets out without any reimbursement of the entry price.  Wilful damage must be replaced or if necessary, charges will be pressed! 

Booking, payment, gift voucher

Which payment types will be accepted?

You can comfortably pay via Paypal (debit, credit card), bank transfer or cash before the game entry. Of course you can also pay with our gift vouchers.


When do I receive a booking confirmation?

You will receive the booking confirmation via email as soon as we have processed your booking. Please note that your booking only becomes valid after our booking confirmation. 


Can I change the number of people afterwards?

If you come with less people as you booked for, there will be no refund. If you want to come with more people (max. 7 people per game) you can expand your booking on-site.


Can I give away a gift voucher?

Of course! You just need to go to our vouchersite, fill in the form and you will receive a super cool voucher from us after your payment .  


Is it suddenly your Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's birthday? :-) 

Don’t panic. Just contact us via the contact form!


What about cancellation?

Cancellations at no charge are possible up 30 days prior to the booked appointment. Please note that we need your cancellation in written form ( Only written cancellations will be processed from our side.

Do you want to know more?

Ok :)  Just contact us via the contact form. We will answer you as fast as we can.