4 games. 4 crazy stories. 17 rooms.

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Welcome to Dusseldorf's unique real-life team attraction, the city's first Escape Room.

In the neighborhood of Dusseldorf's former Slaughterhouse and since 2017 in the Downtown,

tons of excitement, puzzles and obstacles are waiting

for you, your friends or colleagues.


Why mission60minutes?

The new Trend - Live Escape Games

Live Escape Games are the new trend for free time activities. You will be caged for 60 minutes and your only big Mission is – ESCAPING!  So does it really matter which provider I choose? Yes, it does!

No Live Escape Game is like the other. And we are  - more than ever – not like any other Live Escape Game.    


To be caged in one room and solve puzzles is fun. But to be caged in multiple rooms and to enter a completely different world is even more fun! What counts for us are the story, the atmosphere, the illumination, the sound, etc. So to make it short: You will be in and part of the complete story!    



We are convinced that you and your co-player will not forget these 60 minutes for quite a while! 

See you soon in Düsseldorf.

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Group dynamics


Become one team! Only a strong team can successfully accomplish the mission.

Scary thrill



Feel the rush of adrenaline in your blood.


Strategic action


Don’t lose sight of your common goal!

Brain is important

Logical thinking


Identify connections between hidden information and hidden clues.


Sense of achievement


Experience the enthusiasm together with your friends getting closer to the solution.

Only 60 minutes left

Time pressure


Experience how fast time flies under massive influence of adrenaline.